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So fun to play with you'll wish twist-offs had never been invented.
Designed to be roomier than the 'Nook Sack.

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Recycled Waders Koozie

SKU Koozie
Keep your hands warm while you keep your drinks cold with the Recycled Waders Koozie. Made from the neoprene feet on breathable waders or neoprene waders themselves. The Recycled Koozie is another Recycled Waders solution for discarded neoprene.

Recycled Waders products represent the company's desire to help save the environment. They repurpose material from breathable and neoprene waders that no longer provide an impermeable barrier between a fisherman and his/her sacred water. Their cool products organize and transport your fishing gear. They're water resistant, lightweight and durable - which makes them the perfect carry along for your next fishing trip or use them around town - you decide. Each creation is assembled by hand, guaranteeing its uniqueness. And before any of their products leave the shop, they make sure each one is something they would be proud to call their own.

Made In The U.S.A.
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